Morgan Concrete Services Inc Company

Concrete Foundation Services

We are experts when it comes to providing concrete foundation services. We began our work as a new residential foundation contractor. We expanded our business to large commercial projects during the 1990's. We now focus on small commercial and residential foundation services.

The key to a dry basement lies in the foundation. We can help you keep water away from your foundation.


We provide the following services to help keep water away from your foundation:

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If your walls buckle, crack and separate from the foundation, you need repairs. There are many problems that cause this, but we are able to provide several solutions.

Solutions to Foundation Problems

  • Install sump pumps

  • Grade yards

  • Patch and seal walls

  • Install drain tile underground from gutters to daylight away from the foundation

  • Backhoe and bobcat services

Foundation Waterproofing Services

  • Straighten walls

  • Brace walls (installation of pilasters on the interior and exterior)

  • Replace existing foundation walls

  • Patch walls

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