Who We Are

Morgan Concrete was established in 1971 and has served the concrete needs of the Lawrence, Kansas area for over 40 years. We have completed numerous residential and commercial concrete projects and are proud of the reputation we have established for reliable, professional, quality work and service.

Our Work



Concrete Construction

We perform new construction and remodeling/repair of existing structures, including demolition and saw-cutting. Please contact us to obtain a free estimate for any of the following work:

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Basement walls
  3. Steps & Porches
  4. Garage Slabs
  5. Patios
  6. Driveways & Approaches
  7. Curb & Guttering
  8. Sidewalks
Special concrete applications may include the following:
  1. Colored concrete
  2. Stamped or skin patterns
  3. Exposed aggregate
  4. Saw-cut patterns
  5. Polishing
  6. Epoxy coatings to cover imperfections
  7. Sealing concrete surfaces for protection

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems may arise for many reasons, but walls that buckle or crack and separate frequently need repair. We have provided the following solutions and are able to provide references on request:

  1. Straightened walls
  2. Braced walls (installed pilasters on the interior and exterior)
  3. Replaced existing foundation walls
  4. Patched walls

One key to a dry basement is keeping water away from your foundation. Solutions may include proper grading, the placement of gutters, and/or the installation of a sump pump. We are happy to look at your foundation and provide a realistic and reasonable solution to your problem.

To assist with waterproofing the foundation we perform the following:

  1. Install sump pumps
  2. Grade yards
  3. Patch and seal walls
  4. Install drain tile underground from gutters to daylight away from foundation.

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